In this short adventure that takes place in the Star Wars universe on a planet similar to Tatooine, you will be chased by Stormtroopers through the desert while trying to reach the Spaceport City, so you can leave and join the Rebel Forces where your father have fought as a StarFleet Captain.

This visual gamebook adventure isn't your regular jump and run game that requires quick reflexes and good coordination. Instead, in the course of the story, you will be put in different dangerous situations and your progress will be dependent on the decisions you make. Only your educated guesses and attention to details will assure your survival in this game.

This is a Windows Platform game. To play, you must first download and unzip the file from the following link:


This game was created by Peter Agapov exclusively for Sipko Software Company. It is distributed for free with the sole purpose of providing examples of meaningful choices in the genre of gamebook adventures. You can find more about Gamebook Theory in the following blog: Gamebook Theory by Peter Agapov

You can also check out an older text adventure developed during the early stages of the AdventureMaker game engine here: Espace Escape